Use this guide to:
  • Plan your paddocks
  • Know when to WormTest
  • Know when to drench
  • Plan the timing of short and long-acting treatments

Barber’s pole worm thrives in warm and moist conditions that most of Australia’s sheep regions have experienced recently. 

As a result, producers are battling infestations of barber’s pole worm outside traditional endemic regions for this parasite. 

Summer and autumn are the greatest risk periods to sheep health. However, eggs deposited in late summer and autumn may develop into infective larvae that persist throughout winter into spring.

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  • Identify low risk paddocks – those that have been destocked, grazed with cattle, or with sheep treated with AVOMEC® Duel
  • Move vulnerable classes of sheep, such as lambing ewes and weaners into these low-risk paddocks
  • WormTest to identify the ideal drenching time
  • Best practice Barber’s pole worm control requires testing of sheep every 4 weeks during the barber’s pole worm season with treatment when required
  • WormTest results have treatment thresholds that vary across Australia, and Wormboss ( provides specific WormTest guidance
  • Below is an example worm count threshold for average condition sheep, consuming average quality and quantity pasture


Table 1. Benchmark worm egg counts (EPG: eggs per gram of faeces)1

Barber’s pole worm
 Scour worms
  • Plan drenching to achieve worm control and avoid drench resistance
  • Triguard® is a short-acting drench with high efficacy against a range of worms
  • Use Triguard® to drench during spring and early summer
  • Use AVOMEC® Duel once the barber’s pole worm season has progressed or parasite numbers have increased
  • Using AVOMEC® Duel in autumn can limit pasture contamination which can aid preparation of low risk paddocks for spring in most regions
  • 6-weeks sustained acitvity against closantel susceptible Barber's pole worm
  • Broad-spectrum roundworm control plus mature and late immature liver fluke control
  • High rate closantel delivery with studies showing enhanced absorption#3

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