There are many different types of pain relief used during routine animal husbandry procedures and for other instances of pain. 

Local anaesthetic

  • Blocks the transmission of the pain signal to the brain, which reduces the pain the animal will feel.
  • Lasts for around 2-3 hours.
  • Animals can show signs of significant pain as the effect wears off.


  • Generally causes the animal to lie down for around 30-60 minutes. This allows for easier restraint during procedures such as disbudding.
  • Provides opportunity to check for hernias or insert ear tags.
  • Provides a very short period of pain relief.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

  • Reduces inflammation around the wound or procedure site.
  • Limits the intensity of the pain signal that's sent to the brain.
  • Available in oral, topical and injectable formulations.
  • Can last up to three days.